Lopar is widely known by its numerous sandy beaches – from the busy ones offering recreational amenities, bars and restaurants, to the smaller, secluded ones, some of which can only be reached by boat, sheltered by coves and intact greenery. A number of beaches stand out amongst the twenty-two Lopar has to offer: Rajska (Paradise) Beach, Livačina, Sahara, Podšilo, Dubac, Sturič, Ciganka, Siće, and Crikvena Dražica.
There are three nude beaches. Ciganka and Sahara beaches are clothing-optional, whilst Stolac beach is a place reserved for nudists only.
Pet owners have a few beaches to choose from, as well.
Most of the beaches have parking spaces usually a 10 minutes’ walk away. Rugged paths guide you through nature unique in its pristine condition all the way down to the fine, silky sand beaches.
Lučica haven offers boat connections to several beaches or islets St. Grgur and Goli a few times a day. Rent a smaller boat or a speedboat, feel the salty air and enjoy the experience with your family and friends.


With over 1.5 km in length, the longest and most popular sandy beach on the island is Paradise Beach in Lopar, awarded a Blue Flag award by the Foundation for Environmental Education in 2003 for its water quality, environmental management and safety record. It has also been selected among top 100 beaches in the world by CNN. The beach offers a wide selection of activities to do and places to go. There are small boats, speedboats, jet skis, and paddleboats for rental, or parasailing and waterslides to enjoy. For those looking for a more relaxing time on the beach, there are deck chairs and parasols to rent out. Grab a bite and have a drink in one of the numerous cocktail bars, snack bars and restaurants along the beach. Pet owners can freely enjoy the southern part of the beach.

Surrounded by pine trees and just a short walk away from Paradise Beach, is Livačina beach. Enjoy cocktail and snack bars, rent out sun decks and parasols, get tan playing beach volleyball or laying in the sun or relax and take a nap under a pine tree.


Ništa manje atraktivna od Rajske plaže u samoj blizini smjestila se mirisnim zelenilom borova ukrašena plaža Livačina. Ovdje također možete pronaći bogat izbor cocktail barova te drugih ugostiteljskih objekata sa bogatom gastronomskom ponudom, možete iznajmiti ležaljke za plažu sa suncobranima, velik izbor razni rekvizita za plažu ili uživati u odbojci na uzavrelom pjesku. Ukoliko niste ljubitelj prženja na žarkom suncu, možete odmarati u hladovini ispod borova.


On the northern side of Lopar, overlooking Grgur islet and Krk island, is Ciganka beach, one of the three nude beaches in Lopar. Reach it by boat or on foot, after having have left your car a few hundred metres away from the beach, taking a stroll down the winding paths surrounded by unique natural formations shaped by strong winds and sand.


A 10 minutes’ walk away from Paradise Beach takes you to Stolac beach. Sunbathing on hot fine sand or on one of the larger rocks, this nude beach is sure to provide you a truly relaxing experience. Get refreshed by taking a walk through shallow waters to the tiny islet not far from the beach.


A 30 minutes’ walk from Paradise Beach is the beautiful sandy Sahara beach. With Ciganka and Stolac, it is one of the most well-known nude beaches on the island. It can be reached by boat or on foot. The beach does not offer any recreational amenities, bars or restaurants. Get away from the crowd and the noisy surrounding and enjoy pristine nature in this intimate oasis of peace and quiet.